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Data Protection

Your Personal Data

I collect and use your personal data to enable me to tutor you (or your child) and comply with the law.

Why I Collect Your Personal Data

I collect your personal data to enable me to provide my tutoring services to you, to enable me to run my business and to fulfil my legal obligations such as proving my income to HM Revenue and Customs.

What I Collect

I hold personal data including your name, your child's name if I am tutoring your child, your postal address, your email address and your telephone number.

Who I Share Your Personal Data With

I do not share your personal data with any other person unless there is a legal obligation to do so, for example showing invoices to HM Revenue and Customs to prove my business income.

Security Of Your Data

Your personal data is stored on a password protected computer in my home.

Your Rights

The law places obligations on me to protect personal data. You are entitled to make certain requests of me.

You can email or write to me to request a copy of the personal data that I hold about you.

If you think the personal data is incorrect, you can let me know and I will check and correct the data.

You have the right to object to my use of your personal data. If you would like me to stop using your data, please let me know. If I am still providing services to you, I will need to continue to use your data to enable me to deliver those services.

In some circumstances, it may be necessary to continue to use your personal data to comply with my legal obligations, for example to maintain records to comply with legal obligations to HM Revenue and Customs.

How Long Do I Keep Your Personal Data?

I keep all personal data safe and only as long as necessary. To meet the requirements of UK tax law, I must keep your data for at least 6 years after the last engagement with you.

How To Complain

Please use my usual business email or phone to make contact.

You also have the right to complain to the national data protection authority: Information Commissioner's Office whose helpline number is 0303 123 1113.